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Receive service even with no positive balance

Credit usage time limit – 10 days

For credit activation call to our hotline:

0322 420 410

577  65 75 20


Terms of temporary pausing service:

  • 30 free days per year
  • Pause – 30 days / 5 GEL;
  • If you are using internet and IPTV as well, you are able to pause both of services

For activating temporary pausing service, call to our hotline:

0322 420 410

577  65 75 20


If you are seasonally using internet or/and IPTV (in country home, village, etc.) and therefore use the service for the certain period of the year, within the seasonal service you are able to suspend the service for 1 year only for 30 GEL.

Corporate clients

GeorgianAirLink offers its corporate clients (legal entities, individual entrepreneurs) the best service, which is comfortable and tailored to their needs:

  • Internet
  • Television
  • Camera service
  • Hosting
  • Network service

For detailed information, please contact us on:

0322 420 410

577  65 75 20


Store your webpage, e-mails, data or any other information on a server in the internet.

  • Fast and secure web hosting;
  • For successful personal and business websites;
  • Reliable protection of personal data;


Rewind and enjoy watching your favorite movie, listening to news or getting important information at any time you want- choose IPTV!

Please note that the rewinding function varies from channel to channel and changes can apply periodically.